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Medical assistance has never been this easy and reliable but with KCS. I must say very helping and hardworking veterans, with professional medical claims and utterly devoted to build a solid foundation for KCS mission.

Vettle Smith

I really appreciate the examination services offered by KCS. The professionalism, objectivity and careful assessment reflected through their mechanism propelled me to recommend and avail many different services offered by them.

Daniel Clinton

Booking appointments, waiting for days, hectic visiting, and the routine follow ups has always been the most dreaded part for me, but thanks to fast evolving Telehealth medium KCS. The expert health care consultants and efficient mechanism has made consulting much smooth and effective.

Daren Smith

Professionalism, diversity and inclusion is what defines the staff of KCS. With highly positive environment, ADOs really try to be fair and objective.


As a physician-driven health care unit, I was amazed to view the innovative approach and timely services of KCS. For me, Professional Health Care Provider Services and Care is what defines KCS.

Buttler Smith